CHARLEN, a creative studio.

"CHARLEN is a French brand of handmade rugs created by Charlène in 2020. Through modern and ultra wavy creations, her mission is to make your interior unique."

Charlène Bricout
The creator, the designer.

Aged 26, after having worked in several artistic fields such as events and floral decoration, she decided to embark on the universe that fascinates her, interior decoration.

Self-taught, she created the CHARLEN brand and expressed herself through her unique creations reflecting her particular taste for shapes and colors.

The brand.

Through modern and ultra wavy creations, CHARLEN aims to make your interior unique.

The CHARLEN design studio was born from the desire to reinvent its interior. We design artisanal tufted rugs with current designs with a sharp selection of color combinations.

Inspired by nature and its curves, CHARLEN pays particular attention to it, which is reflected in its carpets such as the MAGMA, VAGUE or POZZI models.

Handcrafted and made in France.

The CHARLEN rugs are designed and made by hand in our workshop in Paris.

Made using the traditional technique of tufting, this know-how consists of inserting the wool on a canvas stretched using tufting machines.

Each rug is unique and is made with patience and precision.